We believe marketing your cannabis business should be a breeze. We are inspired by the sea to help companies make huge waves.


We are a creative team that strategizes in developing compelling and visual identities for your cannabis brand as well as help with high-end conversion and an array of digital services.  We combine the best-in-class digital marketing within the cannabis industry to fully deliver genuine growth and revenue. We understand how important it is to not only to stay afloat but to keep things forever flowing.


Happy Clients We celebrate our clients.


Products Sold We are experts in E-Commerce.


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Why Choose Us

Web & App Design

Web & App Design

Launching a website/app that is optimized to convert, educate, and engage your patients, while providing a mobile-optimized experience primed for conversion is our top priority. We provide full-service solutions to ensure your success.

Analytics Data

Analytics Data

We provide you with 100% honest, top-level, data analytics that will further your online success and digital presence.  Numbers are important, which is why we focus on conversion rates and growth when doing research analytics for your cannabis brands.



One-third of consumer decision-making is based on packaging design.  We help in elaborating even the smallest detail to help you convey the unique style of your brand. Every consumer that reads your label will experience and recognize your effort and detail.

Video & 360 Tour

Video & 360 Tour

We are the first cannabis marketing company to have 360 videography available for our clients! 360 Tours will allow potential buyers/investors to check out your location beforehand as well as help establish your SEO and trustworthiness.


Frequently Asked Questions

California, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut Rhode Island, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Florida, Louisiana, Arkansas, Arizona, New Mexico, and Hawaii.

Yes! We will happily work with you whether you are in Texas or China! We help others all over the world globalize superior branding and design to elevate their cannabis brands.

We do. We understand the new business nuances and want to make it’s easier for you to grow your business and make instant revenue back. We make sure conversion is the highest priority and have installments available.

The process for each one of our services is similar. We go over your needs, direction, budget, and time allocated for your desired results either by meeting, Skype, or a phone call. We keep constant communication with our clients to ensure all of our services are not only up-to-date but provided in a transparent, timely manner.

We love the benefits of cannabis! Dispensea values the organic, pure, marijuana movement as it helps so many in need. Together, we can help spread awareness and normalize the lead of cannabis and the amazing companies behind them!

Dispensea is for cannabis only, however, we provide these same services through our sister companies UNRIVALED and Lovely. We would happily consult with you and your needs the same way we would for Dispensea.


Malibu is Dispensea’s heart & muse.

We get our inspiration for marketing, branding, and design through nature & catching some waves. You could say we love what we do & our clients even more!

Where traditional cannabis marketing & advertising tactics have failed many cannabis business owners, digital marketing has opened a whole new world of possibilities for brands to grow and be discovered. Dispensea combines best-in-class digital marketing with cannabis industry expertise to deliver our client’s true organic growth. We are full-service, meaning that we go the extra mile to ensure your brand succeeds and exceeds your expectations. We love seeing growth, positive feedback, and your smile!

Why us? We care! We aren’t your typical cannabis marketing solution. We do extensive research, analytics data, personalized graphics, all while working with different budgets and conversion level expectations. You are the healers of the world and we want to represent that!